Become a business consultant

Why should you become a business consultant?

As a business consultant, you can contribute to the prosperity of our country by improving the performance of New Zealand’s biggest employer, The Small Business Owner – whilst creating a great work-life balance and business for you.

How our business consultants drive business success

As a Prime Strategies business consultant, you will form long term partnerships with Small Business Owners and work with them on all the aspects of sound business management to create strong profitable businesses.

What our business consultants do

A Prime Strategies business consultant works to improve the performance of the businesses they work with by creating Sound Strategies, Guiding Implementation and focusing on Performance Measurement.

We specialise in business improvement through executive management support and training, and providing the business consultant skills to move businesses forward, both in profitability and sustainability. We offer good strong advice that will get businesses back on track – and keep them there.

Give us a call, maybe we can help you fulfill your dreams and ambitions as a Prime Strategies Business Consultant.