Thys Van Lingen

Thys Van Lingen

Thys Van Lingen | Associate
Prime Strategies Group
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 21 542 136

Thys (pronounced Tace) has a strong background of making a difference in the businesses he is involved in. He has a thorough understanding of the New Zealand business environment and have also been involved in managing businesses in the Australian and South African markets.

Having been part of executive teams for local and overseas businesses he has extensive knowledge on how to improve performance. This is done by focusing on strategy development and implementation which leads to sales growth, better personnel engagement, improved cost management and productivity to increase profit.

Thys’s key expertise to help improve businesses performance are in the following fields:

  • Strategy: Develop and implement effective sales, marketing and business strategies to increase sales and margins.
  • Financial: Ability to analyse the financial status of a business and implement actions to improve the bottom line.
  • Sales: Understand where gaps exist in the market, exploit these opportunities and focus on profit generation for each product.
  • Marketing: Utilise proven methods to increase awareness and exposure thereby increasing sales profitably.
  • Personnel: Develop a process to get personnel engaged in the business and become effective contributors to the business.
  • Logistics: Analyse current distribution arrangements and implement cost savings while exceeding customer expectations.
  • Cost management: Focus on the easy wins to decrease cost and then implement processes to manage and find further cost reductions.
  • Leadership: Provide mentoring to become an effective leader of your business and thereby improving staff morale and productivity. How to become an influencer to personnel which will enable them to become effective decision makers in your business.

Thys has an excellent business acumen, is financially astute and always strive to improve the bottom line. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration which complements his experience in business management. He enjoys what he does and relish in the success of his clients.

Thys moved from South Africa to New Zealand 15 years ago and absolutely enjoys the New Zealand life style. He is married with 2 boys and 1 granddaughter . He enjoys the outdoors and loves scuba diving and fishing. Enjoying a nice glass of wine is normally a good way to celebrate a day’s success!

If you are looking at improving your business, contact Thys and get someone who has the knowledge and experience in improving businesses to help you. We will give you your life back, so you can enjoy your business and your personal time to do things you are dreaming about.